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Frequent Questions


What is a “short” or a “short circuit”?

A “short” and “short circuit” describe the same problem. A short circuit happens when the “hot” wire (the wire carrying the electrical current, most commonly the “black” wire) comes into contact with either the grounded conductor (also called the neutral, most commonly the “white” wire)


The outlet in my bathroom does not work

GFCI outlets can be wired in series. For example, a GFCI outlet in your first floor bathroom can be installed so that it protects all of the bathrooms in your house. This GFCI outlet may also be found in your basement, your garage, or your master bathroom, depending on the age of your home.


What is a GFCI outlet?

A GFCI outlet is an outlet receptacle designed to protect you from electrical shock when moisture is present. If your house was built in or after 1981, there is a good chance that your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and outdoor outlets are protected by GFCI outlets. You can identify a GFCI outlet by the two buttons.


A dimmer in my house is very hot to the touch.

A dimmer is nothing more than a small transformer that causes the light bulbs to dim by decreasing the voltage applied to them. Best Modern Enterprise the dimmer decreases the amount of voltage going to the light bulbs, excess heat is generated and radiates from the switch via the switch plate. 

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